Submit your orders for summer!

Just finished up the last of my commissions before my six week hiking trip! And I’m excited to get back at ’em at the end of April. Don’t be shy about submitting art commissions while I’m gone. It would make a great gift for those animal lovers with summer birthdays! My husband while be monitoring my email, so even if I’m not able to check regularly, he will be able to get back to you in a timely manner. Thanks, everyone!

A couple memos

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  A couple things:  First, just a reminder that there are two weeks left to take advantage of my January promotion! All custom pet portrait orders made in January receive a ten percent discount.  PLUS, you’ll be helping out some sweet, sweet dogs and cats. I’m donating ten percent of January proceeds to Secondhand Hounds, a Minnesota-based animal rescue organization dedicated to giving as many fresh starts as they can! And one more memo: If you need a painting by March or April, I encourage you to contact me ASAP. I’ll be gone on a six-week hiking trip…

Hutchinson Arts and Crafts Festival + Upcoming art festival

Big thanks to everyone who came to visit and my family for helping out at the Hutchinson Arts and Crafts Festival in Hutchinson, Minnesota last Friday and Saturday! Next up: I’ll be at Brew N Stew: Chicago Ave Arts Fest in Minneapolis on October 14th from 11am to 8pm. Rumor has it there will be a stew competition, live music and some tastey brews!