How does it work? 

Before anything else, check out my portfolio and make sure you like my personal style!

If you decide you’d like to order a painting, you’d fill out the Submit an Order form on my website and tell me the canvas size you desire and your pet’s name. Then, you’d email me a well-lit photo that you love of your pet.

Then I turn that photo into a painting!

Once I’m finished with the painting, I’ll email you a photo of the finished product. If you like it, I’ll email you a PayPal invoice. Once you’ve paid, I’ll ship your painting to you!

I like the photo of my pet, but I don’t like the background. Any ideas? 

When you submit your order, let me know if you have any specific requests regarding the background of the painting. For example, if you would like it painted as it is in the photo or if there is a certain color you’d prefer. If you have no preference, I’ll paint a single-colored background in a color I think works well with the painting.

Prices differ on what kind of background you’d like: single color, partially-detailed or multi-colored, or detailed background. You can check out the Prices page for details.

How much does it cost to get a painting?

You can check out my Prices page, which lists the canvas sizes and prices I offer. Tax and shipping are included in the listed price.

Additional fees apply depending on the background and for multiple subjects.

Note: For canvases smaller than 8″x10″, I can only fit one animal subject and they will be cropped to the head and shoulders.

How long until I receive my pet portrait? 

I paint commissions in the order I receive them, so turnaround time depends on how many commissions I am currently working on. Typically, the entire process takes around 2-3 weeks once I start your painting. I will let you know approximately how long your wait time will be. If you need it by a specific date, I will try my hardest to accommodate.

Do you paint people? 

Yes! Prices differ from pet portraits. Consult the Prices page, or email me for a quote.