She takes the cake.

Rococo fashion from the 1780s, just before the French Revolution, inspired this painting. It might look like an elaborate Halloween costume, but around 230 years ago this is the look you’d aspire to, permitting you had the means to do so. Rococo fashion is dramatic evidence that the aristocracy was totally disconnected from the rest of the world, and there’s no need to strain your brain wondering why that Robespierre guy was so pissed off.

From the sketchbook

Here are a couple images from my sketchbook this week. I cracked open my Smithsonian book on fashion history and learned all about side hoops, mantuas and crinolines! #alwayslearning 😊

Our body is our temple.

I have practiced yoga since 2009, and finally buckled down and received my 200-hour yoga teacher training certification in 2015 from Sun Moon Yoga in Mankato, Minnesota. My yoga practice has increased my confidence, decreased my anxiety and insecurity and given me an immense respect for the human body. These paintings are my homage to our incredibly intelligent meat sacks. Our bodies are our own personal temples. Respect and be kind.    

Brookings Summer Arts Festival

Huge thanks to everyone who checked out my booth at the Brookings Summer Arts Festival in Brookings, South Dakota. It was my first time as an art fair vendor. You all made it such an awesome experience. Also, mammoth-sized thanks to my parents, Randy and Joyce Meyer from RJ Meyer Arts, for all their support and wisdom getting ready for the fair. ♥ Elizabeth