Hutchinson Arts and Crafts Festival + Upcoming art festival

Big thanks to everyone who came to visit and my family for helping out at the Hutchinson Arts and Crafts Festival in Hutchinson, Minnesota last Friday and Saturday! Next up: I’ll be at Brew N Stew: Chicago Ave Arts Fest in Minneapolis on October 14th from 11am to 8pm. Rumor has it there will be a stew competition, live music and some tastey brews!  

Elephant tourism

Before I moved to Suphanburi, Thailand to teach EFL in October 2012, I attended the week long orientation with CIEE (the study/teach abroad program I went through). Part of the orientation included riding an elephant. In Minnesota, the largest wild creature you’ll encounter is probably a moose or caribou if you venture north enough. And they will certainly not let you ride them. It was awesome and terrifying. I have mixed feelings about it. I am confident that if I travel back to Thailand I will not support the elephant tourism industry, and perhaps visit a reputable elephant rescue organization. But I…

From the sketchbook

Here are a couple images from my sketchbook this week. I cracked open my Smithsonian book on fashion history and learned all about side hoops, mantuas and crinolines! #alwayslearning 😊

Our body is our temple.

I have practiced yoga since 2009, and finally buckled down and received my 200-hour yoga teacher training certification in 2015 from Sun Moon Yoga in Mankato, Minnesota. My yoga practice has increased my confidence, decreased my anxiety and insecurity and given me an immense respect for the human body. These paintings are my homage to our incredibly intelligent meat sacks. Our bodies are our own personal temples. Respect and be kind.    

My Etsy shop!

Happy Monday, everyone! My Etsy shop is up and running. You can find my most of my pieces from the Brookings Summer Arts Festival there! Head there by clicking on the link previous paragraph of this post, or click “My Etsy Shop” on the menu of this website. Check it out, and use the promo code SUMMER25 for a 25% discount at the checkout! This awesome summer promotion is good until August 14th.